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A Country Home With New Life and Meaning

Country Farm Home Primary Bedroom Reveal

Our design team was excited to take over this Country Farm Home remodel project. The residents took ownership of this beautiful country home, but it needed a bit of updating. Behind every remodeling project, there’s purposeful planning to create a foundation of beauty in the inner spaces that help our clients live their best lives!

To create a serene, spacious primary bedroom we tore out the front sunroom, and closed off the first door from the front entrance to ensure privacy. This added space for an adorable sitting area with custom upholstered chairs and a leather ottoman for early morning reading and evening cuddles. After going through over seven different flooring stains, we chose the perfect hickory to contrast with the buttery, light walls. Keeping the paint color very neutral and bright simplified the bedroom to allow all the natural light in from the large windows. This bedroom holds a little bit of character from the original wide trim around the windows. The trim paint color pairs nicely with the walls to bring the remodel design full circle. 

When it comes to the furnishings, that’s where our biggest strength comes in. Who wouldn’t LOVE a sitting area in their primary bedroom? Our custom upholstered chairs next to the charming gold side table and tufted ottoman make every couple's perfect corner for conversation, reading and time together. In the planning stage, deciding what’s important and the goals for each room is the biggest step. The sitting area reflects the original decision to buy the Country Farm Home: staying closer to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city living while enjoying quality time together. Every part of home interiors has meaning; it reflects our hearts and minds. 

“Time is one the most precious gifts you can give someone and it’s one of the pillars of every relationship.” - Michael Bliss

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