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3 Tips of Starting Your Next Project

1. Begin with the end in mind.

As a design team here at Simply Perfect, we will help guide you to your end goal. It can seem overwhelming at the beginning, but keeping the end goal in your mind will help you take that first step.

Simply Perfect White Oak Project // Created in collaboration with Deffenbaugh Homes

2. Trust the process.

The process is 'the process.' We are here to keep it simple for you. The first instinct is usually right. Our designers take cues from clients because we are allowing our clients' personalities to shine through the space. We believe that a crucial part of any design process is the initial design brainstorm between the client and the designer. We are here to listen to our client's wants and needs, and transform them into truly beautiful works of art. It's easy to overcomplicate design, but simplicity is what makes the process that much easier.

To learn more about our Design Process, visit here.

3. Ask for help.

Every person has their strengths and weaknesses, but remember that there is qualified help out there when you fall short in your process. We believe that our home interiors reflect and affect our own interiors—our hearts and minds. And we believe that creating a foundation of simplicity, balance and beauty in these inner spaces helps us live our best lives. Our team will build the beauty of your space with what you love to fit your lifestyle.

Simply Perfect Natural Wook Project // Lynn Vander Stouwe, Simply Perfect Design Co Designer

To learn more about our team of designers, visit here.

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