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Feeling of Color

Exploring with color can be scary, but it can also turn out extraordinary and not like anything else. The trick is how to make it appealing and your intention of feeling. Did you know that colors subconsciously evoke feelings and thoughts when you see them? Learn the best practices of bringing color into your home and how it will make you feel.


Refreshing like the ocean and sky, blue evokes calm, security, trust, and dependability. In the bathroom, the cabinets give off a refreshing and calm atmosphere. The bathroom is where you start your day brushing your teeth and preparing for the day. Anyone would want to feel calm and relaxed while they begin the rest of their day! The glamorous chair in this living space invites you into this home, as you feel you can depend on and trust the family in this home.


Earthy, grass, and nature are the first examples that come to mind for thoughts of green. The color elicits healthy, growth and connection. As you sit around the kitchen above, the natural green cabinets connect you with the white oak floors immersing you in nature. The most common way to add green throughout your home is with artificial foliage displayed by the mantle in the photo.


Communicating positivity and warmth, yellow is often the first color seen on a palette. Many think of the sun and fresh flowers, which instantly instill happiness. Our golden sofa brightens this room with warmth to welcome any guest. With yellow being quite the attention-drawing color it is, ask a designer how to add to your home to be admired by all.

Neutrals (whites, tans and beige)

White feels natural, clean and pure. The bar was designed to feel raw with white shiplap walls and natural furnishings, like leather barstools. Soft whites and greys were chosen in this bedroom to create a clean and fresh sanctuary to relax and rewind.

Colors can be derived from all elements of design throughout a home. Let our designers help you create your color scheme, whether it is neutrals or all the hues. Whatever color or evoked feeling you decide, we help encourage your style throughout the home.

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